About Us

Founded by Michael Steele and Ariane Laezza, Art+Industry bridges the gap between arts and commerce.

We utilize an extensive network of resources in the arts, fashion and entertainment industries to help elevate brands to the next level.

Our mission is to build platforms that enable you to be seen and heard. Whether you are an artist, performer, have a product, an outstanding service or a compelling cause, having the right platform is the key to success.

We believe that eliminating boundaries and collaborating with other creative minds creates an atmosphere where true innovation occurs. Through this cross-pollination of skills and ideas, richness, meaning and depth are produced, creating impact and greater market reach.




With over 20 years of combined experience in the arts, fashion and hospitality industries we rely on our extensive network to make the most effective connections between artists, creatives and brands. We consult on a variety of industries all seeking to connect with sophisticated influencers. 


We create unique content pushing diverse and thought provoking ideas into the mainstream while developing platforms for artists to exercise their creative spirit and commercial achievements. We believe that critical thinking is vital to the creative process and strive to push forward unique experiences. 


We love to sink our teeth into abstract ideas and develop them into thoughtful, provoking experiences for our guests and clients. At a time when visual content bombards our screens and overwhelms our lives, we strive to curate a streamlined and critical thought path that engages and provokes.